Pre-Orders & Custom items

Please read before ordering an item that says PREORDER
***If ordering an item while it is still a preorder, you are receiving a discounted price! Once this item goes off of preorder, the price will be adjusted to regular pricing*** 


What is a preorder? 
  • A preorder is something that is currently not in stock, but we are allowing orders before they arrive to our warehouse.
  • These are typically very popular items! 
Why offer preorders? 
  • We want to make sure we order enough items. We are constantly growing and selling more products than before. We only list preorders on VERY popular items or items that we are restocking.
When will I be charged?
  • We will charge your card at the time of purchase, so that we may hold the item for you.
How long do preorders take?
  • Each one is different and we give an estimated date on the description of the item.
  • Please also understand, that sometimes preorders can take longer than our estimated arrival time. Sometimes there are things that are out of our (She Me Her) hands, that can change the delivery date. estimated date also! The date listed is estimated.
  • If you need an item by a certain date, we suggest letting us know, so if the date does get changed, we can inform you.
What if the preorder takes longer than expected?
  • If the preorder is not in by the time we tell you, we will always send you a discount code on your next purchase. 
  • However, we can also cancel your order and refund or you may choose something else! We understand wanting things in a timely manner and we are here to make the sometimes frustrating delays as easy as possible
For any more questions or clarity, please contactus

Custom She Me Her Items

If you have placed and/or place an order for Custom Denim, Tops, Jackets, etc... By She Me Her these items may take 9-10 business days to create, not including weekends and/or holidays. Please make sure you leave a message and/or a note with your first & last name and phone number when ordering anything custom from She Me Her! It makes it easy for us to contact you, and if you have any special request it makes it so that we can fulfill your request with no problem.